5 Comfort Foods Your Customers Will Love

There are many different reasons why someone may want to chow down on some comfort food. Perhaps it’s a rainy day, making someone want a warm cup of soup or a chicken pot pie. Maybe they had a really hard day at work and they need something comforting to act as a hug for their insides. Whatever the case may be, most people can agree that offering a selection of comfort foods on your menu is never a bad idea. In this two-part series, we will discuss 10 different comfort foods that you should consider adding to your restaurant’s menu. Continue reading below to learn more!

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Biscuits and Gravy

When you think of a hearty breakfast that will help you start your day on the right foot, you may think of biscuits and gravy. While this hearty meal is usually served for breakfast, there’s no rule saying it can’t be served all day long! There’s something comforting about a warm biscuit that feels like it just came out of the oven topped with a thick gravy. While this combo may seem simple, it’s definitely a crowd favorite. Better yet, there are many ways you can add biscuits and gravy to your menu! In addition to adding it to your breakfast options, you can also add it as a side option for other country dishes, such as the chicken-fried steak! If you want to boost your sales even more, you could also add biscuits and gravy to your menu as an à la carte side option.


While some people prefer savory comfort foods, others may prefer something on the sweeter side — or maybe even both! Pie is the perfect comforting sweet, especially considering there are so many different varieties. You can add fruit pies to your menu, cream pies, or perhaps even a selection of both. Not only will pie give you a unique dessert option, but you can also consider adding different varieties of pies to your menu to reflect the fruits that are in season. For example, during the early spring/summer months, you can offer a strawberry pie, and as you move into the later summer months, you can change your menu to offer blueberry pie. Your customers are sure to love the different specials, as well as the option to treat their comfort food cravings.


Chili is another comfort food staple. After a long, hard day at the office, chili offers the same comfort as a bowl of soup, but with a hearty twist. Similar to pies, there are many different varieties and recipes for chili as well. If you’re planning to add chili to your menu, you can consider hosting a chili event where you make a few different recipes to see which one your customers like best, then add the winning chili to the menu. While it may be difficult to sell chili during the summer months, you can always make it a seasonal item for the fall and winter months — after all, who doesn’t love chili and cornbread on a “chili” winter night?

Mac n’ Cheese

Who said mac n’ cheese was just for kids? The great thing about mac n’ cheese is that it is a meal that you can cater to all age groups! Not to mention, the ooey-gooey cheese makes this dish the ultimate comfort food.

If you plan to add mac n’ cheese to your menu, you can offer a few different kinds to try and appeal to more hungry tummies. For example, you can serve classic mac n’ cheese to children and offer the adults the option of adding pulled pork, a jalapeño cream sauce, or some other more exotic topping. Mac n’ cheese is extremely versatile, allowing you to have some fun with different recipes while still offering your customers comfort food they will love.


There are times when people have had frustrating days where they feel the need to express their anger, and what better way to do that than with a delicious rack of ribs? When you eat ribs, pulling the meat off the bone can make you feel like the carnivore that you are, appeasing your anger while also filling your stomach — hence why ribs make such a great comfort food. As an added bonus, if you upgrade your kitchen with the Broaster pressure smoker from Taylor Freezer of Michigan, you can make delicious, smoky ribs in less time than it would take with a traditional smoker — it’s a win-win for all!

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