Soft Serve Ice Cream

Soft serve ice cream is one of the most profitable and easily produced items on your menu. The product is manufactured in and dispensed right from the freezer. The freezers come in two flavor twist or single head dispensers, and floor or counter models in a wide range of production capacities.

In the ice cream freezer, mix and air is delivered either by pump or gravity to the freezing cylinder. There the air is whipped into the product as it is frozen. The finished product is dispensed directly into the cone, cup or dish for a delicious cold treat. Although soft serve mix in the 4-6% butterfat range is generally used, the machines can also manufacture frozen custard, yogurt, tofu, low fat or no fat deserts among others.

Taylor Freezer of Michigan is the leader with equipment in most fast food chains and ice cream stands as well as businesses such as bowling alleys, C-Stores, bars, delis, restaurants, schools and more.

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