Broaster® 1600 Industrial Pressure Fryer

Create delicious fried foods with lower operating costs!

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Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet



  • Cook up to 20 pieces of fresh, bone-in chicken in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Designed for high-volume production.
  • Food experiences less oil absorption and reduces your overall oil usage.
  • Enjoy the benefit of faster cook times and lower energy costs.
  • Increase your return on investment with more efficient food production.

When you want to increase your bottom line, get a higher return on your investment, and boost your restaurant’s profits, you need reliable commercial food equipment in your kitchen. With the Broaster 1600 commercial pressure fryer, you can serve up moist, flavor-filled food that will have your customers coming back for more. This state-of-the-art industrial fryer cooks food under carefully controlled pressure in a sealed environment to produce consistently mouth-watering delicacies. Broaster Pressure Fryers are known around the world for quality, high output of food and years of dependable, trouble-free operation. Learn about the features and benefits that can help set your business apart — request a quote from Taylor Freezer of Michigan, Inc. today!


  • Unique pressure-activated cover locking mechanism
  • Round cooking well design with 21-pound cooking oil capacity
  • Fully welded cooking well made from 300 series stainless steel
  • Touch screen controls for easy operation
  • Unique Auto Comp™ feature and automatic cook cycle counter
  • Built-in filter system and Temp-N-Time controller


  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty on equipment parts and labor for all systems
  • Additional one-year warranty on controller parts
  • 10-year repair warranty on cooking well