Instant Burger Two-Sided Commercial Grill

Create delicious grilled food in a matter of minutes with no cooking skills!

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Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet



  • Cooks two products in less than a minute!
  • Takes up minimal space in your commercial kitchen.
  • Cooks out calorie-laden fat, but retains natural juices!
  • No cooking oils or venting needed (check local codes).
  • No cooking skills required for operation.

Are you searching for an efficient way to cook burgers, hot dogs, sausage patties, chicken fillets, and other foods? With the Instant Burger two-sided industrial grill, you can cook two items at once and serve up fast, mouth-watering dishes to your customers. This commercial grilling equipment uses direct energy transfer, which means that the cooking process takes places inside the meat, unlike conventional grills, griddles, and ovens which use heat to cook from the outside. Clean up is easy and can be conducted immediately after use with no waiting to cool plates. What’s more, because it is so easy to operate, training your staff to use this commercial grilling equipment is fast and simple. Request your quote from Taylor Freezer of Michigan, Inc. today!


  • Requires 120-volt, 30-amp dedicated electrical circuit for operation
  • Footprint: 16 inches x 23 inches
  • Features automatic shut off