5 Benefits of High-Quality Commercial Juicers

There are few things as nice as a glass of freshly squeezed juice. As an establishment that serves breakfast, brunch, or high-end drinks, you want to make sure that you’re providing your guests with the very best service and experience possible. When it comes to the juice that you’re serving, your guests can absolutely tell…read more

Considerations for Commercial Refrigeration Units

A refrigerator is a must for all establishments serving food. Whether your primary dishes include meats and vegetables or you have various dairy products that need to be kept cool, the quality of the refrigerator that you invest in matters. Here at Taylor Freezer of Michigan, we know that the refrigerator that you choose needs…read more

Three Tips for Easy Commercial Kitchen Equipment Maintenance

If you have high-quality commercial food equipment in your restaurant’s kitchen, you want to do everything you can to make sure that it operates efficiently for as long as possible. Even if you aren’t a professional repairman, there are a few simple tasks you can complete to avoid costly restaurant equipment repair and downtime. In…read more